• Belinda Wells

In another life… my post self-isolation aspirations.

Yay! Tomorrow is my release date following 10 days covid self-isolation. Tomorrow I will be able to leave the bedroom I’ve been stuck in for the last 10 days and get back to some

semblance of normality.

Yes, even having been double vaccinated, and regularly testing before attending sessions and events - I managed to get the dreaded Covid. And it hit me quite badly, being one of those people to have pre-existing conditions which make it worse for me to get colds, flu etc. And despite being extremely vigilant and careful - it struck with avengence.

So now, having spent 10 days ruminating, recovering and re-thinking where do I go from here, when I rise from my sick bed and leave the constraints of the four walls that have become such a familiar sight.

Well, I think I want to escape to the country! Find the perfect home to call my own, away from the hustle and bustle of English suburban life. Though hold on, I actually already live in the country, what am I thinking? But a new adventure does still seem like a great idea. Perhaps, as we are nearing the winter months, would I be better looking for a place in the sun? There are so many bargains to be had and I think the warmth of the sun and the closeness to a beach with tapas bars, and a relaxed way of life sounds great.

But I would miss my family. As it is, I don’t get to see them often enough. Maybe then I could just bag myself more local home under the hammer, a great ‘doer upper’ that I could give a complete makeover and either sell on, or turn into a passive rental income. Mmm. I have to say I have always fancied a DIY big build project.

Or should I just go for the easier love it or list It option with my current home? I love most of my home, apart from the bedroom at the moment. That could work. But maybe I could just love my garden and give it a garden makeover, it will certainly need something doing following 10 days of neglect!! There are so many things on the gardener’s world ‘jobs for the weekend’ that I haven’t been able to do of late.

Or I’m also quite drawn to the prospect of buying and selling at auction. I have always loved antiques and collectables. I’m sure I could bargain hunt successfully, maybe go on an antiques road trip and then come home and flog it all for enormous profit.

And I’m quite sure that at some point, when my sense of taste and smell return, that I will be using my masterchef skills to cook some amazing delights for the family, before settling down to watch a quintessential midsummer murder on the TV in the living room, in front of the fire.

Lots of food for thought.

Roll on tomorrow!

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